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PLEXUS provides professional Resume Writing Services. We are in the business to offer State-of-the-art services to the candidate with a tech-savvy infrastructure. PLEXUS ensures foremost satisfaction of a candidate with best Resume Writing Services and having by professionals for the job we are portrayed among the society as a reliable name. Our services are designed meticulously to make sure that all the needs to design a good profile for a candidate have been met keeping intact quality of the resume.

Our range of diverse services will give you more options to choose from:

Resume Writing

Get your resume written by a professional writer who will write the profile on the basis of information you provide and the documents you upload.

The professional resume will highlight all significant information about the candidate which is necessary to come by key sight of the employers.

You can also partner with the writer to tell him about the information you want to put on the resume. The expert will definitely make sure that all such details are indulged in the profile.

Cover Letter Writing

A resume is incomplete without a quality cover letter. Now you can come by a professionally written cover letter from our experts based on the position/industry/profile you are willing to apply.

Resume Consultation

Our writers will be in contact with you to discuss about your requirements and to consult you about the details and the information you want to share.

PLEXUS is intent to offer beneficial services to the candidates and to meet all of their needs.

Telephonic Mock Interview Sessions with Experts

Now you can explore mock interview sessions with the experts from your industry. The interviews have a key focus on your core skills, soft skills and various stress level questions and expose you to real scenarios which you can expect while your actual interviews.

Linked in Profile Development

You would have heard about Linked-In. Over the past few years the professional website Linked-In has gained tremendous importance. So much so that potential employers begin their search for candidates and a background check on the quality of the shortlisted candidates at “Linked-In”.

Get our niche Linked-In profile development pack to create an enticing online profile to catch the eyes of your future employer and the Hiring Managers.

Resume/CV Distribution

We have tied up with employers and consultants across India to provide best CV distribution services. We inform candidates whenever the opportunities are available (who are or have been our clients) and depending upon their consent we forward their applications to the concerned employers. This service will be beneficial for you and is cost effective as you will come by the free of cost service.

Networking opportunities

The networking opportunities are provided through Trainings and Seminars. They are the best mediums to build a professional network.

They not only add people to your network, but provide you with a lot of new knowledge.

These seminars can also refer you to potential employers as well as endorse your work or provide you with certificates which add to the attractiveness of your resume.

You can get updates on such opportunities from us that are absolutely free.

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